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11 Nov

Reijo's blog on happy weather

Last weeks turned out to be among the best in our EHEA Twinning project so far. The start on Monday did not promise much. In fact, when I left the office in the afternoon, a hard rain started. The weeks were for missions on the legal framework of Azerbaijan Higher Education, and last autumn we had had difficulties in that field.  The main difficulty was then to involve legal experts of the Ministry in the project.

New autumn, new attempt. This time the situation had changed and out experts met with their colleagues in Science and Higher Education Department as well as in the new Accreditation and Nostrification Office, but also in the Legal Department. And in perfect harmony. Indeed, the Azeri participants and our experts Sille and Lagle discussed thoroughly on how to amend present paragraphs to better respond with European standards. And agreed in most recommendations.

For me personally one of the high moments of the project was when our Estonian expert recommended that one of the Legal Department officials should specialise in legal issues of Higher Education. The official from the Science and Higher Education Department spontaneously responded that this is what she has been waiting for. And the Legal Department said that it will be her job. One difficulty disappeared at the same when new avenues of cooperation opened.

As a reflection of the turning tide, the sun returned and the rest of it was only sunshine, both in real but also symbolically. I was invited to the wedding party of one of my most important colleagues in the Ministry. I am very taken of it. From what I have heard of weddings in Azerbaijan, I feel extremely honoured and I am looking forward to an unforgettable evening.