Support to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Further Adherence of the Higher Education System to the European Higher Education Area
AMoE Accreditation criteria MoE Order 2011
AMoE Approval of Bachelor Degree Content and Rules 2010
AMoE Approval of Master Degree Content and Rules 2010
MoE Approval of Rules on the est. & admission to doctoral studies 2010
ACoM ACoM Resolution on Credit System in Higher Education, 2013
MoEA Regulation of Scientific Board of HEI
MoEA Regulations, Guidelines, Professor, Teacher & Head of Chair positions in HEIs, 1996
AMoE State programme on Reforms in Higher Education System 2009-2013
CoM State standards and programs for higher education, 2010
MoE Order on Action Plan for Implementation of Education Strategy - Jan 2015
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