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6 Apr

RTA Blog on Pilot Evaluations


Azerbaijan EHEA Twinning project has now progressed to a new phase, where the European quality assurance criteria and methods are tested in practice. The international evaluation team consisting of three Finnish and Estonian and three Azerbaijani experts (one of them is a student representative!) started its evaluation visit to the Azerbaijan State Economic University earlier this week. Next week a new team with similar composition (3 + 3, including one student) will make the evaluation visit to the Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University. The third evaluation visit will take place at the Azerbaijan Technical University during the last week of April with the third evaluation group.

These are exciting days. So exciting that two European experts came two days late because they had by accident ordered their visas too late. The evaluation visit’s programme had to be amended in the last moment, but all turned out well, at the end. The evaluation visit started in Wednesday morning with the complete team and evaluation visit was otherwise implemented as planned.

After evaluation visits the evaluation teams will write a report. The report will be translated to Azerbaijani language and sent to the pilot universities. Besides, the evaluators will also provide an oral feedback to the universities. In June, the Twinning project will arrange a seminar where the outcomes of the pilot evaluations will be discussed between evaluators and pilot universities. Thereafter, the experts will make their final recommendations to the Ministry, ANO and universities.