Support to the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Azerbaijan for Further Adherence of the Higher Education System to the European Higher Education Area
Helka Kekäläinen Introduction to and Learning Outcomes
Helka Kekäläinen Short History of EHEA
Kirsi Hiltunen Student and working life involvement
Helka Kekäläinen New European Standards and Guidelines
Kirsi Hiltunen Introduction to Workshop on training experts
Kirsi Hiltunen Enhancing quality
Sirpa Moitus and Kauko Hämäläinen Bologna objectives
Mr. Touko Apajalahti Learning outcomes based engineering curricula
Ms. Kirsi Hiltunen Applying the ESG in the Azerbaijani higher education system and disseminating good practices
Ms. Heli Mattisen Accreditation of study programmes – overview of the process
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